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DevOps Bulletin #82: Docker Compose for Helm Charts

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Headline Tutorials:

MACs and signatures authenticate stuff

🧠 β€œThings I want as SRE/DevOps from Devs” β€” A list of questions that developers should have an answer for to make life of SRE/Platform/DevOps Engineers easier.

πŸ’‘ β€œHow to use Git rebase in real life” β€” From fixup to autosquash here are real world ways to leverage Git rebase.

✨ β€œBest practices for using Terraform” β€” This document provides guidelines for effective development with Terraform across multiple team members and work streams.

🚨 β€œCommon mistakes in DevOps metrics” β€” Learn what to avoid as you create and evolve your DevOps measurement system.

πŸ’° β€œThe hidden costs of Serverless observability” β€” Observability is critical to running reliable, high performing serverless applications but it can come with hidden costs.

πŸ”’ β€œSecurity best practices for Amazon RDS for MySQL and MariaDB instances” β€” This post outlines the different best practices you can follow in order to run Amazon RDS for MySQL and Amazon RDS for MariaDB databases securely.

πŸŒ₯ β€œTech predictions for 2023 and beyond” β€” As access to advanced technology becomes even more ubiquitous β€” as every facet of life becomes data that we can analyze β€” we will start to see a torrent of innovation, and this will proliferate in 2023.

πŸš€ β€œ119 new AWS services and features in 30 words each” β€” AWS launched 119 services and features at re:Invent 2022, many were jardon-dense. Here’s a brief description for each new service.

Latest open source projects


Get your secrets from your existing password manager

Conceal is an open‑source command line utility. It provides a secure method to get your secrets from your existing password manager (Valut, Enpass, Lastpass)


Helmwave is the true release manager

Helmwave is helm3-native tool for deploy your Helm Charts. It is like docker-compose for helm. You can live track k8s resource while deploying, select specific release of group of releases, templating values, etc.

EKS Node Viewer

EKS Node Viewer

eks-node-viewer is a tool for visualizing dynamic node usage within a cluster. It was originally developed as an internal tool at AWS for demonstrating consolidation with Karpenter.

ChatGPT Neovim plugin

Neovim plugin for interacting with OpenAI GPT-3 chatbot

A Neovim plugin that allows you to interact with OpenAI’s GPT-3 language model. With ChatGPT, you can ask questions and get answers from GPT-3 in real-time.


Open Source Oracle Compatible PostgreSQL

IvorySQL is advanced, fully featured, open source Oracle compatible PostgreSQL with a firm commitment to always remain 100% compatible and a Drop-in replacement of the latest PostgreSQL.

AWS Lambda Layers

AWS Lambda Layers

A curated list of awesome AWS Lambda Layers. With layers, you can centrally manage common components across multiple functions enabling better code reuse.

Tweet of the week

ChatGPT troll

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Meme of the week

Meme of the week

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