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Maxime Kubik
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VS Code: different color themes for different projects 🌈

Hi, have you ever worked with multiple VSCode instances? πŸ”₯

It's sometimes difficult to navigate between the different projects when using the same colorTheme ...

The solution:

Maybe you already know it, but you can have a different theme per workspace/folder by adjusting the workbench.colorTheme in the workspace settings.

  1. Open a new VSCode window.
  2. Open the project folder where you would like to have a different color theme.
  3. Navigate to File > Preferences > Settings
  4. Select the Workspace Settings tab at the top of the settings screen. Anything you edit in here will now be specific to this workspace.
  5. Search for colorTheme and select the color theme you would like for this specific workspace.

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You can use a VSCode extension called Peacock wich subtly change the color of your Visual Studio Code workspace. Ideal when you have multiple VS Code instances, use VS Live Share, or use VS Code's Remote features, and you want to quickly identify your editor.

In the end...

I hope you’ll find these useful for yourself ! It's a game changer for me to boost my productivity πŸŽ‰πŸ¦₯

And you ? What's your favorite hack to boost your productivity ? ❀

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Val Huber

Perfect! I should have noticed this, but missed it. Very helpful, thanks for sharing!

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Camilo Martinez

There is another solution. Create different flavors (environments) for different kinds of projects.

mkubdev profile image
Maxime Kubik

Awesome, level 9999 !

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Steve Farmer

NICE, thank you!!