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I think that's the general feeling of doing something that requires certain skills / experience for the first time. Everyone did feel the same at the beginning of whatever you start. Pumping iron for the first time? Damn, you're doing it all wrong! Trying to learn how to play a song without any musical background? Wrong, wrong, wrong!

You don't have to worry about muscular gym hitters or music school graduates when you just started getting into something. The best thing you can do is... practice it! Pick a language of your choice (if you have classes that teach a certain one - keep on exploring it).

Programming may be as boring as it is challenging and interesting. Do code challenges as you learn the basics, go through basic algorithms. Copy examples from tutorials, learn how they work and make them into something else. Write your own stuff - it's a whole new world.

And, hey, you are already here! That does sound like you may be into coding more than you think. Being a part of the developer world is not just staring at the screen, that's also a great community that is widely open to new talents.


YES, thank you TvT. Sometimes I always forget and letting myself down by comparing myself at level 1 with someone at the top.

And yes! I also realize that programmer/developer community is really nice and friendly ToT.

By the way, what are code challenges? that's the first time I've heard it. Is it like coding competition?

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