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Remote developers & electricity bills

Makhtar Diop
A Curious Software Engineer
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Charges for electricity is one of the heaviest lines of charge for a tech company. Due to the pandemic period many companies have tested remote based workspaces environment
and it is almost sure that lot of them will go more and more remote. The fact is that a considerable part of the electricity bills will go to the employees homes electricity billing. How will they handle that?
Working to estimates the increase in electricity bills of people during this pandemic period. Want to know what was your electricity bills before and during the pandemic.
Can you help me?
Please help me estimates this and let's work to make remote dev financially advantageous for us.
I ask you just your $ bills of electricity before and during the pandemic period.
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Scott Sawyer

I wonder how much this is offset by the lack of commuting expenses? At least in terms of time, the savings must be significant. It would be interesting to see the differences.