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ServiceNow: How to pass Performance analytics CAS certification

Performance analytics (PA) knowledge is quite rare in ServiceNow world. It goes across platform, you can use it in Incident management, GRC, SecOps, Event mng., Problem mng., etc. PA is useful in process monitoring, forecasting, analyzing process deflections. Dashboards present important data for all organizational levels. It is a great method of how to provide visible and added-value output to your customer.

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ServiceNow offers mainline certification for PA. In general two types of certification are in ServiceNow:

  • Micro-certifications: is non-proctored, free, and you have unlimited attempts. After completing, it says that you have fundamental knowledge of chosen topic. It is a good starting point on a longer journey. You can do micro-certification for PA.

  • Mainline certification: is proctored, you need to pay for the exam, you have 4 attempts and each attempt is paid. It is more serious type of exam and after completing it proves that you know the chosen process/area in deep, and you are able to implement it on a client side. Mainline certifications are valuable assets in ServiceNow world and your career. The process related (ITSM, Event, CSM, etc.) are called Certified Implementation Specialist (CIS). Performance analytics has its own category: Certified Application Specialist (CAS).

A complete overview of ServiceNow certifications is here (The journey to certification with ServiceNow):

And PA certification path is here:
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All mandatory courses are provided in Nowlearning portal, and they are available on-demand. You don't have to register for instructor led courses anymore. That's good, you can proceed the learning in your pace.

Follow Nowlearning courses (if links not working, search by course title in Nowlearning, courses are regularly updated and old ones are retired):
1) Performance Analytics (PA) Essentials

2) Performance Analytics (PA) Fundamentals On Demand

3) Performance Analytics Implementation Simulator

4) Performance Analytics (PA) Simulator - Micro Certification

5) Performance Analytics (PA) Advanced On Demand

I also recommend this source on developer's site, it is practical and step by step: Performance Analytics Objectives.

After completing PA advanced course, you get exam voucher, and you can schedule the exam in Webassessor Kryterion. Exam blueprint with exam details is here:
It is important to note that for success it is essential to have at least basic PA implementation experience. Memorizing does not work, some exam questions are tricky and only practicing PA gives the correct answer because you will see all the relations.

I do not recommend any Udemy courses and sample tests as main source. Just follow official ServiceNow courses and the most important information is covered in the last PA advanced course. Go through this course and provided materials carefully and read it minimally 3 times. Yes, it takes time and there are many topics, but it pays off in the exam.

Don't forget checkout Performance Analytics blog . There are many useful posts and release updates.

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How much time does it take to study? For all Nowlearning courses count with 10 days. Before PA Advanced course try to practice it, ideally on project, but you can practice on your development instance with PA content packs (install plugins and explore). Take time to be confident in UI and know all relations. In parallel, you can start PA Advanced course. Finally, preparing for exam like reading provided materials again and again will take 3 days of intensive learning. Exam has 60 questions, time limit is 1.5 hour, it is more than enough time. Passing percentage is about 75 % (better to be prepared for 80 %). However, exam blueprint does not mention the threshold score.

How much does it cost? If you work for any ServiceNow partner organization, the on-demand courses are for free. Only exam is paid about $300. If you do it by yourself on your personal ServiceNow account, on-demand courses are paid about $300 for PA Fundamentals, $500 for PA Advanced, plus exam $300. I don't mention instructor-led courses which are much more expensive. As far as I remember PA advanced is mandatory, the rest is up to you. But maybe it changed, check the latest requirements. So, is it worth of money? Definitely yes, you get better position on the market and consulting companies invest to get certified people because ROI is pretty fast. Moreover, you really get specialized knowledge about topic. The same is valid for freelancers, it is easier to get contract if you prove your knowledge with certification.

I prepared sample questions, it is not copy-paste from the exam, but the nature of exams questions is similar. 1 option is correct, if not mentioned something else.

  1. Scores for formula indicators are calculated:
    a) when data collected by scheduled job
    b) when widget with formula indicator displayed
    c) when contributing indicators are collected
    d) after formula indicator is saved

  2. Which widget type to use for multiple indicators and their relations:
    a) score widget
    b) breakdown widget
    c) workbench widget
    d) pivot widget

  3. How to configure second-level breakdowns for indicator?
    a) "Collect breakdown matrix" checkbox in automated indicator
    b) "Collect breakdown matrix" checkbox in collection job definition
    c) "Collect breakdown matrix" system property
    d) No need to set, it works automatically for all indicators.

  4. "Collect records" checkbox on indicator enables (2 correct):
    a) Collecting scores for indicator
    b) Collecting sys_id of related records
    c) Drill-down to the records in Analytics hub
    d) Is available for formula and automated indicators

  5. Select syntax correct formula indicators (2 correct):
    a) ([[Number of open incidents not updated in last 5 days]] / [[Number of open incidents]]) * 100
    b) [Summed age of open incidents] / [Number of open incidents] / 24
    c) [[Number of new incidents]] / {{Number of resolved incidents}}
    d) {Number of new incidents} / {Number of resolved incidents}

  6. When "Scripted" checkbox is checked on the automated indicator, which field appears on the form?
    a) Aggregation
    b) Calculation
    c) Method
    d) Script

  7. You need to visualize "incident age by range" (like 00 - 01 Day, 01 - 05 Days, 06 - 30 Days on x-axis and number of inc in range on y-axis). How to achieve it?
    a) Bucket groups > Breakdown source > Automated Breakdown > Scripted Breakdown mapping
    b) Breakdown source > Manual breakdown > Breakdown mapping
    c) Breakdown source > Automated Breakdown > Breakdown mapping
    d) No correct option

  8. Which is NOT correct for breakdowns? (2 correct)
    a) Enables you to group or filter indicator scores by an attribute
    b) Database view is a correct data input for breakdown source
    c) Maximum is two breakdowns for indicators
    d) It is possible to use three-breakdown matrix combinations in Analytics hub
    e) Breakdown relation allows hierarchy navigation (parent-child, member of)

  9. Which breakdown matrix does NOT make sense? (2 correct)
    a) Country, Region
    b) Priority, Country
    c) Assignment group, Resolution Group
    d) State, Priority

  10. Where will you check collection jobs errors? (2 correct)
    a) "Job Logs" related list in collection job record
    b) "Job Logs" related list in indicator record
    c) Diagnostics in Analytics Hub
    d) Admin Console

I will post the correct answers later here in comments.

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