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Resolving requested access to the resource is denied on Dockerhub

Occasionally, you might encounter an error message stating that Requested access to the resource is denied when attempting to push images on Docker Hub.

In this article, I will provide steps to resolve it.


  1. Log in to the Docker Hub account in the command line.

docker login -u mkobi

  1. Tag your image build

docker tag quotes:latest mkobi/quotes:v2

  1. View image locally via the Docker Desktop

  2. Push the image to your private docker repository

docker push mkobi/quotes:v2

The output is similar to this:

The push refers to repository []
73ba38394181: Pushed 
47f6f066faff: Pushed 
8e09802f4e96: Pushed 
88bb24ab4cf4: Pushed 
7355a3354412: Pushed 
23350eaaee74: Pushed 
df8e43203da9: Pushed 
92a6bff90f79: Pushed 
26cbea5cba74: Pushed 
v2: digest: sha256:78ad6fa8b3091a3d59a0a66bea3885d9c14075f369e48e57b92ef86ae5789385 size: 2204

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Encountering the Requested access to the resource is denied error on Docker Hub can be frustrating, but by following the steps outlined in this article, you can identify and resolve the cause.

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