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Open Source Dev 101

Hello World! My name is Minsu Kim. I am a student who currently enrolled in 5th semester in Computer Programming Analysis program at Seneca college. I am in Korea and very happy to take a semester remote in Korea with spending time with my family.

My previous web programming courses WEB222 and WEB422 have taught by David Humphrey who is instructor of OSD course. I had a chance to watch his previous OSD course lecture video on YouTube and decided to take this course. Because the previous course assignments and labs are identical and professor expect us to follow some sort of guideline. However, OSD course provides me a chance to participate existing real project and freedom.

Throughout this course, I would like to accomplish participating, experiencing, and learning various open source development with peer developers. The projects that I want to work on is automation such as trading bot in cryptocurrency. The project "binance-trade-bot" provides automated trade in Binance that adjusts trading strategy to buy and sell crypto currency. The Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. Unlike stock trading, cryptocurrency allows to user trade in 24/7 which automation trading tool is required for user.

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