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Code Review


In the previous weeks, I had change to contribute internal Seneca opensource projects: fix the bug on Telescope and IPC144 course note renewal. The last piece of task is code reviewing on other student's PR. The code reviews that I have done are PR1 and PR2

PR1 Code Review [Link]

The first code review is "ASCII Collating Sequence image converted into Table" which is very similar with my IPC144 course note renewal. The reason why I had code review on this PR is that I want to know and compare how he resolved the issue.


This is Markdown code what he has done. He has smart idea to add one more column to improve readability on Docusarus. However, not only improving readability but also it helps developers to edit code for maintenance. He used prettier to align all the content in right position. I had fixed my code after I have reviewed his code.

PR2 Code Review [Link]

The second code review is "Audit and Fix". The comment that I left for the code review is that there is a picture for explaining the concept of array. However, the picture did not have proper alt tag in <img> tag.


The alt tag provides context of image that display and inform for search engine crawler which is important for SEO. Also alt tag is important for accessibility perceptive

PR3 Code Review [Link]

The third code review is "Fix escape character". This PR is about resolving the issue that highlight.js showed bizarre behavior that the code && converted into &amp;&amp;. The most parts are well organized and fixed. The one thing I concerned is that he deleted the code that prevent the error when no language detection. Therefore, I left a comment about this concern. He is well explained my concern. So the PR successfully merged.


The code review is not only helpful for the author of the code but also it is helpful to remind me the right knowledge and provide me better idea to solve the issue.

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