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re: Author is talking about programming, not designs, so jumping onto commenting about photoshop is just not cool man, advanced drivers, I slightly ag...

Such an old-guard way of thinking about things. Ask yourself, why do I think Photoshop is not a barier to entry for an OS? Why do I even need a node_modules directory, and why do I need to delete it?

Your development OS or delivery method should be influenced by the target audience, not your needs. If your app needs to run on WSL, then WSL and Windows should be your OS. This is why Docker is so popular.

Actually, I strongly disagree, ideally I should be able to work on whatever I'm comfortable with and build for whatever platform I want, take a look at golang,

And if you do stuff correctly, your CI needs to build and release stuff, so you can stay on what you're comfortable with.

If you're interested, I can write about how I get these things done

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