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Well, they are three very different projects.

React is a child of Facebook, which means it had from the start a high code quality and a wide audience.

RoR was released as open source in 2004 by the creators of Basecamp. There wasn't much else back then, and again, they were starting to build an audience.

Vue.js I honestly have no idea :D

But my take is that the general factors are the same as to why some videos become viral. A mix of quality, audience, and the right moment to push it.


By the way, if you have a project which you think deserves attention publish it everywhere: here, on relevant subreddits, on Twitter, on Product Hunt etc... Best is if you already have a following. You can ask more famous individuals to promote it (retweet etc.) if they find it useful. And don't publish once! Keep working on it, keep publishing updates, be consistent and if it's actually good eventually you'll get a following.


+1 to here (use the #showdev tag), and to Product Hunt!


also when you get financed by VCs since you'll then get automatic media coverage ;)


Vuejs it's because the guy from Laravel boasted it ;)

When you're unknown at the beginning it can take a while: everything you can say is worth 4cts for people who have no judgment for most, for example nodejs on Hackernews had only 8 hearts and all comments were negative like it was a joke :) It took more than 4 years to start to take off.


Thank you for these precious tips 🙏

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