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Hi! I'm MJ (she/her), a mobile engineer
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If you haven't read my intro post, I mentioned how I want to share what free resources I utilize as a junior android developer in training. I know that everyone has different learning styles, which is why I intentionally included different types of resources. Just a note, *means I personally have not used it, but know other android developers who strongly advocate for it.

General Computer Science

Android Development

Goal kicker books

Learn by doing


  • Kotlin
  • Android - if you search a topic through a search engine, chances are you'll get the deprecated page because of the migration AndroidX. To find the most updated page, I'd recommend searching within the website itself.


  • Roman Elizarov's blog - he's the team lead for kotlin libraries & has conference talks that help explain topics well
  • AndroidDev - I'd also recommend signing up for their Now In Android newsletter, where they share the newest resources, topics, best practices, etc every month

Online Courses

Conferences Talks

Beginner topics

Here's a list of concepts I've been focusing on as an new android developer. Just a note, some might not apply to others based on what their focusing on (ex. I study exoplayer because I work on an app that uses video). Also, these all have an associated codelab.

  • LiveData/Flow
  • ViewModel
  • Data Binding
  • Coroutines
  • Room
  • Activities
  • Fragments
  • Exoplayer

Since I'm only 6 months into my first job, I know I have a whole bunch more to learn, so I will be updating this resource (maybe I'll add a section with the best resources on specific concepts, still trying to figure out coroutines).

Feel free to share other free resources for android developers by commenting or sending me a tweet :)

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