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Self Host your Own Restream Application using Nginx and Docker Today

Streaming content to multiple channels is something every streamer can get excited about, but their is a catch, highly-priced licenses. Well, that's where Nginx comes in as your saviour to self host your own solution.

Last year, i was tasked to stream to 8 platforms all at once, 3 Facebook pages, 2 Twitter Pages, and 3 Youtube accounts.

Restream had limits to its own licensing, the same applied to So, I chose the manual way of getting things done, create the solution myself. So, i cloned and improved a solution by Rafalfaro18 on Github.

If you are in the same situation as i was, worry not, simply follow the steps below.

  • Deploy a cloud server probably running a friendly distro such as Ubuntu, or CentOS.

I use Vultr, but if you have a Digital Ocean or Linode account, you can use that, there are no limitations.

  • Login using a regular account that's a member of the Sudoers group.
  • Install Docker and Docker Compose on the server.
  • Clone my Github repository.
  • View contents of the README file and setup your streaming platforms.
  • Deploy the application and make sure the container is running, and allow port 1935 through your firewall.
  • Start sending your stream to the server, Nginx will broadcast it to all streaming platforms you set in the .env file.
  • Go to your Youtube channel or other channels you set and verify that your stream is going through.

Just like that, you can break the chains all thanks to open-source. More over, once you are done streaming your content, you can safely delete the server to avoid any extra costs billed to your account.

Now, compare that to a 1 month Restream license that will remain unused when you are not streaming.

I hope you find this post useful, if you do, a thumbs up would not be bad either.

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