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Would you use a mobile device with no App Store, where you could only use apps you wrote yourself?

mjgs profile image Mark Smith ・1 min read

I’ve been enjoying this discussion about why there’s no Linux distros for mobile and wondering about a device where your favourite dev environment was available, but there was no App Store. Probably a silly idea to be honest but I think I’d be able to create basic versions of most of the apps I routinely use.

Would you use such a device? Do you think it could be popular with devs?

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Its means, calendar, old school phone and calculator.

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Mark Smith Author

Yeah kind of.

I’m thinking the initial device would have basically nothing but the drivers for device hardware, dev environment, perhaps a web browser.

You’d then have to write the apps yourself to be able to do anything. It would be pretty hardcore, but you’d get rather good at coding.

Maybe it would come with a free server running in the cloud.

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