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Discussion on: Don't start with React

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Mark Smith

At some point though it's no longer going to be feasible to learn the fundamentals properly, HTML/CSS/Javascript will become like assembly, you learn it briefly in some university course, but quickly move on to higher level frameworks. Not sure what happens to those of us who had to go through the pain of learning the fundamentals.

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Maroun Baydoun Author

I totally agree. But I believe at some point, in the not very near future, the web could evolve and incorporate some concepts of the libraires/frameworks as open standards for the browsers to implement. I don't see why ,for example, browsers wouldn't have a native implementation of something resembling Virtual DOM to speed up DOM updates.

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Jerome De Leon

I see much like low level languages now a days. They are so popular back then because they made life of programmer much easier from their time but not today. I see your point :)