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Discussion on: Maybe you miss these cool VSCode extensions

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Mark Smith

Pretty good list...Based on your descriptions, I’ve made a few opinionated comments for each:

  • Pair bracket coloriser - I don’t often have issues with brackets, it’s usually a sign my code needs refactoring, one place it does happen is in templates (ejs, njk, etc)
  • Import cost - I could see this maybe being useful for frontend programmers, I’m mostly backend atm, I do optimise my client code for size but I’ll do it every now and then, rather than have a plug-in, I’m not adding so many libraries in the frontend that I need a plugin
  • npm intelligence - I’m not that much into intellisence, usually I find it just gets in the way, having it just for npm seems over the top to me
  • paste and indent - doesn’t happen enough to warrant a plugin imo
  • SQL Beautify - this looks like a cool plugin, makes a lot sense to automate this task
  • Turbo console - I don’t use console.log that much fir debugging, mostly I use the debugger, but I do like how this automatically adds the location in the code as a string, I can see this being useful
  • YAML by redhat - large yaml files start to get tricky to see the syntax, so this looks useful, though I don’t currently use that much yaml, when I do use it, it tends to be relatively small files, but in cloud native there’s a lot of yaml, so I could see this being useful in some future projects perhaps