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I’m presenting at Houston Perl Mongers this week

Mark Gardner
I help professional Perl developers to engineer modern, disciplined applications in the cloud.
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I’ll be presenting “Better Perl: Subroutine Signatures and Type Validation” (based on my earlier blog post) for Houston Perl Mongers on Thursday, February 11 at 6:00 PM Central US time.

Check here to see what time that is in your local time zone, then go here at that time to open the Zoom meeting ID 920 069 702. You’ll need a password; run this Perl code to get that:

print +(0b1000100).((3<<2)*10).(010)
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Tib • Edited

I was in 😃 and it was great, really a deep dive into the signatures, with a lot of TIMTOWTDI. A reference talk about this topic.

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