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Flutter vs React Native community in 2022

One year ago I made a survey comparing size of Flutter vs React Native community of various social network sites because still between developers can exists myth that Flutter community is small or smaller than React Native.

Why is useful to know size of developer community?
Because this can be crucial requirement for new developers (finding some multiplatform mobile framework) or companies which would like to choose it for their application development.

Large community means that many of problems can be already solved and new developers have a good support in finding any problem solutions or finding a new job oportunities.

Companies gain valuable information about how many developers are interesting about this tools and how many developers can be potencionaly hired.

I walked through this social platforms:

  • Reddit
  • Stack Overflow
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn

For developers are probably important Reddit, Stack Overflow and where can find a lot of information about news or how to fix some bugs.

For companies can be useful Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn where they can find their potencional employers.

For every site I compare number of people/followers of the site which says me size of the community.

Here are my data:


Flutter: 84.0k followers
React Native: 86.8k followers

Flutter - Reddit

React Native - Reddit

Stack Overflow

Flutter: 111,456 questions
React Native: 120,793 questions

Flutter - Stack Overflow

React Native - Stack Overflow

Flutter: 25,131 questions with no answers
React Native: 31,119 questions with no answers

Flutter - Stack Overflow

React Native - Stack Overflow



  • stars: 134K
  • forks: 20K
  • contributors: 957
  • commits: 27 034
  • contributors only for last year (2021): 68

React Native:

  • stars: 100K
  • forks: 21.6K
  • contributors: 2 270
  • commits: 23 859
  • contributors only for last year (2021): 37

Here it is interesting because React Native have a lot of contributors contributing for a short time but Flutter have more contributors contributing for a long time.
I compared also number of contributors only for last year (2021) and I found that Flutter project had almost 2 times more contributors than React Native.
Result is that Flutter project is growing faster in number of commits then React Native.

Flutter - GitHub

React Native - GitHub


  • posts published (in tag detail): 2037
  • posts published (in overview of tags): 3713

React Native:

  • posts published (in tag detail): 2342
  • posts published (in overview of tags): 4312

This is interesting because I found that show in 2 different places 2 different values for one same thing :D

Source Source

Flutter -

Source Source
React Native -


Flutter: 188K people and 39K people
React Native: 159K people and 46K people
React: 103K people and 36K people

This is interesting because I found that Flutter developers are very active on Facebook. More than React or React Native developers.

Flutter - Facebook

React Native - Facebook
React - Facebook



  • followers: 167.5K
  • tweets: 1 734

React Native:

  • followers: 130.4K
  • tweets: 579

Flutter - Twitter

React Native - Twitter



  • flutter.developers: 44.9K followers

React Native:

  • reactnativeworld: 10.4K followers
  • reactnative.modules: 6.8K followers

Flutter - Instagram
React - Instagram
React Native - Instagram
Image description


Flutter: 36.5K members and 21.4K members
React Native: 44.9K members

Note: I count only clear React Native groups without mixing with ReactJS.

Flutter - LinkedIn
React Native - LinkedIn


So after comparing this two communities in various platform I can say that Flutter and React Native communities have almost same sizes.

You can say of course that React community is bigger but it is due to ReactJS library for web but nobody which is building web with ReactJS want to also create a mobile apps with React Native. Hence I try to not mix ReactJS and React Native people into one group.

And when we see into data of GitHub, Facebook or Twitter so we can say that Flutter developers are a little more active and Flutter is growing up by incredible speed:

Stars Graph

And is also more loved:
Stack overflow survey

If you want to compare this survey with my survey from last year, you can go into this link:

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Excellent summary, you made me take a decision