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Docker series (Part 13): Edit codes running in containers using Bind Mounts

The tasks we will complete in this blog

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So for this assignment, we will use this repository

Let's fork it and clone it in our system. Then go to the bindmount-sample-1 folder

Image description
You can also see files within it

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Oh! by the way if you don't know what is Jekyll, here it is

  1. First we will go to the folder and create a container from this image

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docker container run -p 80:4000 -v $(pwd):/site bretfisher/jekyll-serve
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here we set the port from 80 to 4000

volume had set to current directory using $(pwd) . Also we used /site to specify the images volumes to be directed to local directory $(pwd)

You can know more from here

Now you can see the server up and running

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Go to localhost and you can see this

Image description

  1. GO to the "Welcome to Jekyll " link Image description

You can also view this from VS code

Image description

  1. Now lets change something from this file. We are changing the title from "title: "Welcome to Jekyll!" to "title: "Welcome to Jekyll! by Mitul" and save it

If you go to the terminal, you can see changes

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  1. Refresh the website page (localhost)

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