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I see a lot of posts in dev but I haven't seen a clean one to explain about Subnetting , So why wait for others lets just jump on and created one myself.. ( And its pretty good Trust me )

Lets Get Started

Subnetting is a technique used in computer networking to divide a single, large network into smaller, more manageable sub-networks or subnets. Each subnet is identified by its own unique subnet address, allowing for efficient utilization of IP addresses and improving overall network performance and security (Thanks to ChatGPT for this one)

First when you check for the IP address in your terminal , You will see 3 addresses

  • IP Address
  • Subnet Mask
  • Broadcast

Terminal Image
Lets say for an example we have an IP address : and Subnet mask of , Here 255 symbolizes that it doesn't change for other devices under the same network while 0 can be changed for other devices.

That is , exists while doesn’t exist , From here you may got an idea of range for IP Address -> But here is a catch , Both the First address and last one are not assigned to any devices as their IP Because they have their own specific purpose

  • -> Network channel
  • -> Broadcast channel

Network Channel

  • The network address is like the label for the entire subnet.
  • It indicates the base address of the subnet. Devices within the subnet use the network address as a reference point to understand that they are part of the same network.
  • For example, if a computer is configured with the IP address and another device is configured with, both devices recognize that they are in the same network because they share the common network address,

Broadcast Channel

  • The broadcast address is used to send messages to all devices within the subnet. For instance, if a device sends a broadcast message to, all devices in the subnet will receive that message.

Why we need Subnetting

  • The key purpose is to organize IP addresses for better traffic control and security purpose

  • Consider you are maintaining a college with different
    depts like science , maths , admin and much more. Without subnetting if science people want to share a specfic info to their science nerds when they use broadcast channel other depts will also be receiving the info and What if all the depts access the broadcast address simultanously , See this causes Traffic

  • Another scenario where one device is got hacked or corrupted then the entire network and all the devices in it will be affected

  • Now if we use subnetting , all have their separate own space (Isolation) so the traffic is less , if one device got affected only the devices in that subnet share the effect while other depts can calm and chill

Small Subnetting chain


In a simple way , When you have all your games , anime , movies and stuff under a same folder , That's pretty nasty right . Organize it and you are good to go! [Same stuff but for IP address and device communication]

See you again , Comment down how was it [ Be Nice :) ]

Peace out Gif

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i really enjoyed that little analogy you provide everytime
i just read the "IP ADDRESS" another post of you, and this one
the only missing piece is where is some hard and more needed(to understand) topic as what is "dhcp" and "how IP is assigned" , "why do we care about that"?
like that thign
in my own im not a network Engineer, heck i get to know about networking much by only your posts THANK you

mithunsreeram profile image

Me too , I am also not a network engineer myself , I am just pouring out what i learned and how I understand . Thank you

sage09 profile image

Excellent Explanation!...