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Firefox Shortcuts That I Use Daily

mithil467 profile image Mithil Poojary ・2 min read

Through all the years of using Firefox as my primary browser, I have gathered an intuition to do most of my operations through keyboard shortcuts. Some of these might apply to Chrome as well. I have roughly sorted this list based on the frequency of my usage.

1. CTRL + R


2. CTRL + (click on link)

Opens the corresponding link in a new tab. I hate going back on a webpage. I always use this feature when I feel the need.

3. ALT + num_key (1,2,3...)

Switch Tabs.
Changes the active tab to the nth tab in the series. If you press a key that exceeds the count of the currently opened tab, it automatically sets the last tab as the active tab. I like to press some random num_key such as num_7 when I want to move to the last active tab.


While typing the URL of your favorite site, you can skip the .com part by pressing CTRL+ENTER while your cursor is inside the address field.


Clean Up.
I usually clean up my firefox sessions when I am about to go off for a break. This is

5. Ctrl + Shift + P

Private Mode.
Really handy.

6. ESC

Stops Loading.
You wait for the vital parts of the site to load, but then decide to hit refresh as you see no hope and bam that is when it But you already hit refresh. Happened to you? Just hit ESC.


Go back.

8. CTRL + H

View History.

9. CTRL + O

Open File.
I like to open certain files in firefox itself, maybe a PDF or an image, firefox can handle them really well. This shortcut allows you to choose a file from the file picker.

10. CTRL + D

Bookmark current page.

11. CTRL + SHIFT + T

Undo closed tab.


Duplicate Tab
CTRL + L - Select current URL in address bar
CTRL + C - Copy it.
CTRL + T - Open new tab.
CTRL + V - Paste.

Did I miss something cool?! What's your favorite keyboard shortcuts?

| Cover Image by 200 Degrees from Pixabay


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Georges Cubas

In addition I always use
CTRL + tab : move to the last used tab
F12 : open the developer console