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Why You Should Choose The Technical Writing Mentorship Program


I have been trying to get into technical writing for some time but could not due to impostor syndrome. I have been passionate about writing, and as a software engineer, it was right to venture into technical writing. I came across the Technical Writing Mentorship Program on Twitter last year, checked out its YouTube channel, and joined the defunct Slack Channel, hoping to get started as quickly as possible. Still, I kept procrastinating due to my insecurities about writing. Fast forward to this year, and I picked up the courage to register for their boot camp, and it has been a fantastic journey. I will be breaking down my experience since I joined the program and explaining why it is an excellent platform to kickstart a career in technical writing. Wisdom Nwokocha, a Documentation Manager, Tech Writer, and Developer Advocate, is the Creator of this incredible program; you can contact him on X and LinkedIn.

Wisdom Nwokocha on LinkedIn


This program aims to develop the writing skills of technical writers and those aspiring to become one, from beginner to expert level. Its other mission is to teach tips on how to earn money through writing technical documentation. I will be giving a detailed explanation of the course outline so you know what the program entails:

  • Introduction to Technical Writing:
    This module introduces the concept of technical writing to participants, explaining what technical writing is, the types of technical documentation, the purpose and target audience, and finally, the technical writing process.

  • Writing for Different Audiences:
    This part explains the importance of a target audience when writing, including identifying the audience, factoring in their level of expertise, and writing in a way that appeals to that particular audience.

Writing for Different Audiences by Wisdom Nwokocha

  • Managing Technical Writing Projects: Projects are essential because they are evidence of your work. This module teaches how to plan and schedule a project, collaborate with other stakeholders, manage resources, and deliver the project promptly while staying true to the budget.

Managing Technical Writing Projects by Love Otudor

  • Using Technical Writing Tools and Software:
    This module addresses the tools and software necessary to write and discusses how to use technical writing tools and software to create and edit technical documentation.

  • Writing Style Guides:
    Style guides are essential to technical writing, and this section defines them in their entirety, explains how to choose one for any project, discusses creating a writing style guide, and discusses the typical tones of a style guide.

  • Information Architecture:
    In this module, we delve into information architecture, highlighting its importance, how to create one, and common architecture principles for documentation.

Information Architecture by Dasilva Akorede

  • Formatting:
    Here, article formatting and its elements are explained, with added information on how to use formatting to improve the readability and clarity of any documentation.

  • Editing:
    Editing helps to correct errors during documentation, and we address its importance, the different types, and how to edit for clarity, conciseness, and accuracy.

Editing by Blessing Anyebe

  • Use of Diagrams:
    Diagrams help bring your documentation to life, and this module deals with the proper use of diagrams in technical documentation.

  • Information gathering:
    Before documentation arrives, the writer must gather information and research appropriately. Here, we learn how to collect, evaluate, merge, and review the information.

  • Writing for Accessibility:
    This aspect deals with accessibility and its importance to technical writing.

  • Writing for User Experience:
    Technical articles should be user-friendly and easy to understand; in this module, we learn how to write with the user in mind.


Registering for the boot camp has been a wise decision because my writing has improved, I am more confident, and I have been able to publish some articles. The boot camp is just halfway done. I recommend this program to everyone with a passion for writing. For more information, follow on X and LinkedIn, and check out their website and YouTube channel.

Technical Writing Mentorship Program on X

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