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Today, I met Tim Cook

Apple's CEO, Tim Cook , is visiting schools across the globe, and today he made his way to Sheridan College, in Oakville, Ontario Canada.

I am a student in Sheridan's Bachelor Of Applied Computer Science - Mobile Computing program. What makes my program different is the applied nature of the degree. My program strikes a balance between academia and hands on experience.

I think this is what drew Tim to our school, and is why he visited my class. I owe him a great deal of thanks, because Tim's visit renewed my passion for computer science.

Although Tim was with us only for a short time, I was lucky enough to talk to him about a project a teammate and I are working on. He shared many things with us, and with our class, but two really stood out to me, and I thought I'd share them with you.

The Importance of Team Commitment

Tim said that our two man team is a lot like a marriage. I'd take that further and say all teams have marriage-like qualities. For me, Tim's words emulate a care that each teammate has to have for each other.

  • Regardless of a teammate's willingness to accept help, you need to look after each other.
  • You need to have the courage to pull each other back in when you stray from the path.
  • You need to have difficult conversations.
The Importance of Simplicity

Tim made a point of saying that Apple tries to make Swift as simple as their other products. Simplicity is a common theme that re-occurs in all my classes. It's been repeated so many times it's almost lost meaning. It seems as if this goal of simplicity is unattainable, constantly out of reach. Hearing the CEO of Apple reiterate it's importance, solidified to me that this theme goes all the way to the top. Making something as simple as possible is a key ingredient for success.

Seeing passion in someone ignites your own passion. Seeing Tim's passion ignited my own, but Tim's interest in our projects showed me his passion is also reignited as he visits future computer scientists.

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jayjongcheolpark profile image
Jay Park

I envy you......

gdmurray6640 profile image
Greg Murray

Making me wish I went to Sheridan instead of another Ontario University for computer science!