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Write a story with me!

So, here's my idea.

While signing up for Hacktoberfest this year, I thought "this is about writing code together." What else can we do together?

Write words. Create little worlds inside this one file.

Everything here goes into the public domain (CC0 license).

(Please follow the contributing guidelines — no less than 50 words, but no more than 250!)


I also have a project called cState — it's a hobby project of mine that sort of exploded (I mean, I think a thousand stars is a real explosion, OK?).

If these sound like your thing — HTML, CSS, JS, serverless, netlify, hugo, SSG themes — take a look:

  • translations needed
  • help with complex template logic PLS
  • a 'monitor' bot / html embed kind of thing
  • not a super complex project

You can always email me to ask for explanations/help:

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