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What can I do to improve my front end skills. I enjoy building the front end and working on interfaces too, but I need to dramatically improve my CSS skills and knowledge around UI/UX.

Do you believe online training programs would be wise and if so which ones would you recommend?

*I'm open to online bootcamps or Udemy stuff, so don't hold back based on price or learning style.

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I just wanted to ask this here,

I am MEAN stack developer, in my organisation the member of design team gives us UI on Invision website and explain the flow according to that we build the features.

So my question is do I need to do any UX or UI course?


That's a good question. See from what I'm seeing it's not always like that. Often (I believe) on smaller teams they will have just a designer that builds the mock-ups for cutting and then the UI/UX would fall to the developers. In this scenario if I had more training that would be me, but even if my scenario was yours, I'd like to have more knowledge, so I can contribute feedback into an area I enjoy before and possibly during the coding stage.

Thoughts on if I'd have that chance to contribute if I was in your shoes?


Great thought!

I think I should learn UI/UX that would be helpful for me.


Hi Roger, there are some good courses on UX on Udemy that I've taken. I think learning the basic principles of that and UI design is an important start before coding anything.

I also really like this book: Form design patterns by Adam Silver. Forms in all their 'forms' is what makes the web interactive instead of just a gigantic online library. So it's crucial they are made well in terms of accessibility, usability, and esthetics.


Awesome! Never heard of that book, so I'll Google it tonight. Thank you!
Also any specific courses that you'd recommend?

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