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Git cheat sheet

Setting up Git
git config --global "Your Name" : Set your Git username
git config --global "" : Set your Git email address
git config --list : List all Git configuration settings

Creating a new repository
git init : Create a new local repository
git clone [url]: Clone an existing repository from a remote source

Adding and committing changes
git add [file] : Add changes to the staging area
git add . : Add all changes to the staging area
git commit -m "Commit message" : Commit changes to the local repository with a message

Working with branches
git branch: List all branches
git branch [branch-name]: Create a new branch
git checkout [branch-name]: Switch to a specific branch
git merge [branch-name] : Merge changes from a specific branch into the current branch
git push origin [branch-name] : Push changes to a remote repository

Working with remote repositories
git remote add origin [url] : Add a remote repository
git pull : Fetch and merge changes from a remote repository
git push : Push changes to a remote repository
git remote -v : List all remote repositories

Other helpful commands
git status: Show the status of your repository
git log : Show the commit history of your repository
git diff [file]: Show the changes made to a specific file.

These are some of the most commonly used Git commands. I hope this cheat sheet helps you in your Git journey!

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Offline • Edited

For example, if you’re using Github, please use your Github email/username adress, you don’t want everybody see your private email adress:

git config --global ""

knightndgale profile image

I'd suggest git switch for just switching. git checkout can be a little broad. correct me if I'm wrong.

misszamzam profile image
Zamzam Hassan

I will give it a try, thanks

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Anthony Fung

Great summary of some common (and not-so-common) commands!

I'd also recommend taking a look at Git Extensions for anyone on Windows. It's free and lets you do many things from a UI. Most actions within the UI result in performing something command-line based, which will be shown in a popup window. This helps when trying to learn Git commands too.

I personally use a combination of Git Extensions and the command line.

misszamzam profile image
Zamzam Hassan

Thanks for that piece of information.

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Newton Ombese

Great work here. These are most common git commands. Can you do a part 2 of the post talking of more other git commands. Guess it will also help you learn more as You'll practice on them before posting them

misszamzam profile image
Zamzam Hassan

Thank you for your feedback. I appreciate your suggestion to create a part 2, I will definitely consider it.