Learning Web Development: Using books as an additional resource.

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In the above tweet, I reached out to the Twitter DEV community in search of an alternative way to learn Web Development.. Resource books! I really didn't want to spend 100% of my time glued to the computer; Straining my eyes or damaging my back, but nor did I want to sacrifice any signicant learning & progress (especially as a newbie!) by taking that extended break.

I dont know about you, but I find myself at a loss when I'm not at my computer, I feel like I should be working on a project, or watching a tutorial, this feeling occurs more when I know I need to take a break from the screen and recharge. I enjoy reading as a whole, So when I reached out to the #DEVcommunity.

They did not disappoint.

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This is my current read, It's called HTML&CSS: Design and build websites by Jon Duckett

These are just some of the best web development books highly recommended by Twitter users:

The list is endless!

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It is important to take a break away from the screen, but if you find yourself wanting to continue learning, resource books are a great way to do so!

Do we always have to rely on our computers to learn the fundamentals of Web Development? Absolutely not!

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I love learning with book. You can read reviews about them to see if it's what you want. It goes deeper in the knowledge than any Youtube video you can watch or any clickbait article you can read. It's not adapted to everything we should learn, but it's still damn good.

I've wrote an article about my method to learn a programming language; books have a critical role in it.

You were mentioning that you're a huge fan of note taking. Me too :)


Thank you so much! I wouldn’t want everyone to agree with me, but books can be very beneficial, you can add post-it notes into the chapters and i love note taking! I will take a look at this now! Thank you so much! 😃


You're welcome :)


Great post and reminder! I'm the same way, and I used to write notes directly in my book, highlighting things all over and found that was way more effective for me than taking notes in a separate notebook, or putting notes in an app...I must've abandoned that method once my resources became digital, and just didn't realize it.

Going to try and kick it old school 😃


I love this! I am a book person too. There’s something about getting comfy on the couch with a good book... and who said it can be book to learn code?! I’m definitely going to check these out. Thanks so much for the post!


Exactly it doesn’t have to be a coding book at all! I agree, I just wanted to explore other options for developers, so they don’t feel they have to stick at the screen & that’s its ok to take a break. Some might not like books, maybe call them old fashioned, but they are very useful and provide a more indepth explanation. Thank you for your comment! 😃


Hola, claro que los libros son una gran herramienta. Sin duda, yo le veo un problema y es cuando tal lenguaje o herramienta se actualiza y deja atrás esas versiones. En cierto punto, el libro se vuelve obsoleto.
Un saludo.


Books are the best resources. Along with reading during free time, they are also very helpful when you are troubleshooting or need to quickly revise a key concept. You can jump directly into specific sections .


Really nice blog Laura! Glad to see you're enjoying the books ☺️💪 learn in your own way and you'll do great!


Thank you so much Jack - and thank you for letting me use you as a reference! Appreciate it! 😃


I've always struggled to learn from books. For some reason my mind drifts off a lot, even when reading each word, when reading a printed book. I can respect that everyone learns in their own way.


It’s always going to be different for different people. But it was more to provide an alternative to screen time, and let people know there is an alternative to screen time - writing notes and reading are good for me. Tutorials not to much, I get flustered having to pause and start them. 😃


Good Job I’m an ambitious person! 😃 like I said they were suggestion pulled from my tweet. Thank you for your comment. Good day! 😃


Thank you! It was more to provide an alternative to screen time - i’m a massive fan of reading books and note taking. And I’m sure there are others too. I hope this reaches them!


I love this! Podcasts are also a surprisingly good resource as well. When I'm feeling bad about my progress, or when I'm doing dishes or what not I like listening to coding podcasts. Keeps the brain going.