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JustDeleteMe in the real world

Recently I was canceling some contracts with my internet provider, insurance, mobile operator, ... Unfortunately, it was not always easy and fast. I was wondering if there is some site for it. There are sites like JustDeleteMe with the guides on how to cancel virtual accounts, but I would like to see the same for the real contracts.

I know this is not so easy because the real world has borders and in every country, the rules are different even for the same company. But I hear from all sides how hard is to cancel some contract just because the company has some absurd rules, the intentionally complicated process, etc.

I heard that the EU plans to force organizations to not make canceling harder than it has to be. But it's not the thing today and the countries outside the EU will be probably out of luck.

Do you know such a site? Do you think it would be useful? I found but it's not the same thing I guess.

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