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My side project Resting


in the last two years I have dedicated some my spare time to a side project called Resting.
Resting is a browser extension that permits to analyze and test HTTP and REST APIs.
The mission of Resting is to simplify daily work of developer in testing and analyzing HTTP/REST requests.

Resting takes inspiration from Postman with the goal to be light and focused on the management of saved requests.

It is a Open Source project hosted by Github and it is a community friendly project.
Here is the Github repository

I'm very interested in some feedback about the tool

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Liyas Thomas

Wow! Its awesome to know great minds think alike. We're the team behind - An online, open sourced API request builder. A free, fast and beautiful alternative to Postman.

You should definitely check out the project on GitHub and shoot some suggestions and perhaps few PRs 😊

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Ehi it's a interesting project, I will give a look to it.
I hope you can do the same with Resting