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Top 7 VS Code Extensions for React Developers

Whether you are just beginner or you're already an expert in front-end development, you always need tools to help you work faster. VS Code and browser extensions help developers work more efficiently, quickly and easily. Today, I will tell you about some essential VS Code extensions for React front-end developers that make their work easier.

Here we go:

1. VSCode React Refactor

VSCode React Refactor image

Refactoring, or changing the structure of code, is usually hard for developers. But don't worry, the VSCode React Refactor extension makes it easy to change your code. Just choose a piece of JSX and turn it into a Class or Functional Component - it's that simple. It also works great with TypeScript and Hook API, helping you improve your code and making refactoring a better experience.

2. ES7 React/Redux/GraphQL/React-Native snippets

ES7 React extension Image

Shortcuts can save a lot of time for developers. ES7 React/Redux/GraphQL/React-Native snippets offers many shortcuts that help you work faster and smoother, letting you code like a pro. It supports JavaScript (.js), JavaScript React (.jsx), TypeScript (.ts), and TypeScript React (.tsx), which is very helpful for React developers.

3. React Hooks Snippets

React Hooks snippets image

This extension also provides shortcuts, but specifically for hooks. Hooks are a crucial part of React development. With this extension, you can quickly type the prefix and insert hooks in milliseconds. This saves you time and speeds up your development process. Give it a try.

4. ESLint

Eslint Extension image

ESLint helps find and fix errors and bugs in your code. It checks your code to quickly spot problems, helping you write better code without errors or warnings. It can also fix errors and warnings automatically.

5. Paste JSON as Code

Paste Json to Code image

Struggling with defining types in TypeScript? No need to do it manually anymore! Just copy your JSON and paste it to automatically generate the types with just one click. It's that simple! This extension also works with other languages, like C#, Go, and more.

6. Material Icons Library

Material Icon Library

This extension allows you to use Google's Material Design Icons in your HTML code. It includes a sidebar library that lets you:
πŸ“ Add icons to your file
✏️ Change existing icons
πŸ” Find icons by name
πŸ“‹ Copy SVGs straight to your clipboard

7. SVG Gallery

Svg Gallery Image

Struggling to read SVGs in your code? Say no more! This extension transforms your SVGs into a gallery view, letting you easily browse and see your SVGs visually. Try it out and boost your productivity!

That’s it for my list of Top 7 VS Code extensions for React developers! I hope these tools help you streamline your workflow and make coding a breeze. Now, I'd love to hear from you! Comment below with your favorite extensions that you rely on daily.

I have more exciting content coming up, so stay connected to catch my latest posts. You can also check out my content on LinkedIn. Let’s keep learning and growing together!

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