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I need an Ethereum alternative.

I and my friend @bilbeyt built an app on Ethereum network. It's living on It's simple board that you can buy and sell slots on that. It was fun to develop but we have a problem:

Alt Text

A slot is 17$ but to buy that slot we need to pay 98$ gas fee. I know that Ethereum 2.0 promises much better gas fees but It's not changing the fact that Ethereum and all other ERC20 tokens are not usable for today.

So, I'm searching for better solutions. Do you have any suggestions?

My needs are:

  • It's price must not change very fast, stable as much as possible.
  • Affordable development and transaction costs.
  • Ability to create and delete wallets programmatically.
  • Ability to listen to incoming transactions for these wallets.

If you help me with that subject I'll be very happy. Thanks!

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Thorsten Hirsch

Try polkadot. But honestly I think your business model sucks. Sorry for being so blunt, but come on: you're selling advertisement space on a website nobody knows. If this should work you need at least something on your website to attract people... like a webcam stream of some beautiful landscape in Turkey.