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React Vs Vue

When planning a website's development as an engineering team, we usually find it a bit daunting to choose among the varieties of technological stacks that are available for development.
Using Vue and React as a case study,there are few options to consider in choosing between these two stacks (based on my opinion).
However, others might find another reason for choosing whatever they prefer.

My thoughts on VueJS:

  1. Vue has a well-organized codebase compared to React, based on my experience with both.

  2. It is easier to read and understand.

  3. It is fast, especially with the advent of vite, which was recently introduced.

My thought on react:

  1. Fast and efficient for SPA

  2. It has a very large community compared to Vue, which means you have a better chance of finding top talent and help.

  3. For me, React is a bit more complex compared to Vue (this is personal).

Please feel free to also add what you think is better and the one you prefer for development. You can also add why you prefer it.

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Alex Lohr

React is anything but fast, even in a single-page app. For larger, more complex apps, it is not even mediocre, but a performance sinkhole.

When it comes to understanding Vue or React, the advantage of react is the explicit APIs, whereas there is a lot of implicit functionality in Vue. On the other hand, React comes with a slew of rules and conventions that make it harder to grasp for the inexperienced developer. Judging between the two, Vue is definitely simpler on the surface, but there's a lot of complexity under the hood.

There are a lot more of alternatives. If you praise the simple syntax of Vue and don't like JSX anyways, maybe Svelte would be an option (though it does not scale well for larger apps). If you do like JSX, but want something far less complex than React, combined with impeccable performance and enjoyable developer experience, Solid.js is the answer. If most of your app is static and you want the fastest thing possible, Qwik or Astro might be a good fit.

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Makanju Emmanuel

Great! , i learnt some things from it.