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Working with git remote - approving new feature

The new feature

This week, I decided to work with Luke to implement the new feature of adding support for config file to his SSG tool. The implementation didn't take much time since his code is very clear and doesn't have any major bugs to worry about.
With the new feature, the tool now accepts config JSON file when option --config is used. This option will read the config file and generate HTML files based on the options provided within the file, and ignore all other options passed in from the command line. After some modifications, he agreed to merge my pull request

Luke also implemented the same feature for my project. His code in general was good but I suggested some changes including separating modules and combining functions to remove code duplicates.

Git remote

When Luke sent his pull request, in order to test his code, I needed to get his code to my local machine so this was the right time for me to learn about git remote.
First I had to git fetch his fork and then create a tracking branch to keep track of his work. After he updated his pull request, I had to git pull the code from his working branch to my tracking branch again to test the revised version.

Final thoughts

git remote is actually a bit tricky for me when I started so I had to watch some tutorials for better visualization and tried it out a few times to make sure that it works the way it's supposed to be.

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