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Code Reviews for IPC144 Course Notes Project

The Problem

As mentioned in my [previous post], we are currently working on auditing the markdown files for Seneca IPC144 course notes. Another way I'm contributing to this project is by sending reviews to other students' pull requests.

There were 2 existing pull requests by hphan9 and oliver-pham at the moment so I decided to take a look at both.

The Process

While I could quickly look at the changes on GitHub, it's still necessary to add their repo as remotes so I could properly test their code locally.

Fixing by hphan9

Emily already fixed a great deal of issues on this page such as the typos, markdown syntax, Frontmatter metadata, improving page's accessibility, adding inter-site links and alt text on images. However, I also found a grammatical mistake and some minor parts that needed to be wrapped in backticks. I also suggested her to replace the plain **Notes** with Admonitions.

Fixing by oliver-pham

Oliver did a great job fixing the major problems of the page including: updating Frontmatter for page, fixing all code to be wrapped with backticks, replacing ... used as a fourth heading level with ####, replacing blockquote with Admonitions and adding inter-site links. The page content looks much clearer after his changes and all the links are working as intended. There are only 2 things I found which was a grammatical mistake and some extra indentations. These are minor issues but I believe that fixing them will improve the overall consistency of the document.

Final thoughts

After both receiving and giving reviews, I believe that the best approach to do review is to also give suggestions along pointing out the issues.

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