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Thoughts about AI on UI design

In PR 575 I fixed a issue of ChatCraft so that user now can only see the copy button in the shared chat.

Before After
before After

And then we have a different opinions about the Options button at the end of the shared chat.

Should we keep it as previous:


or can we just use the Duplicate... option as the new button in a shared chat?

It has not been updated for now, but it reminds me of an issue: tools similar to chatGPT are not well-suited for this kind of design work. Despite being quite helpful with coding throughout the semester in my studies, which enabled me to build my iOS app and fix issues in ChatCraft.

I'm wondering if there is an AI tool that can help design UI, since I know that DALL-E 3 often generates bizarre images and not suitable for creating design mockups. There are some tools like Uizard that can generate general outlines, although I have not tried it myself, I highly doubt it can handle the issue mentioned above. I believe design skills will become increasingly important to developers, and I need to start practicing as soon as possible.

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