Every comment born with 1 like?

mindplay profile image Rasmus Schultz ・1 min read

I noticed that every comment on dev.to is born with 1 like.


Is there a philosophy behind that, or is it a bug?


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I unheart all my posts.


Reddit always has original posters upvote their own comments/posts, though that's with the mindset that upvoting means it contributes to the conversation, and if it wasn't, you wouldn't have made the comment/post. So maybe hearts imply quality posts, and you should always think your posts are of high quality. IIRC the Reddit cofounders said they originally thought it was sad to see 0 points on a comment, so they decided to always start at 1 :)


Maybe an assumption: at least you will like your own post. :-)


That's exactly it, you'll notice the heart is filled in on your own comments.


Index 1 vs Index 0? :)


It’s doing it to hide the truth, which is that the heart counter is unable to go to zero X-files theme starts playing.