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How to explain Machine Learning to your Granny

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Getting started with machine learning can sometimes be overwhelming for some. However, it's more fun if you put yourself into practice. Well, in this article I've tried to explain machine learning in the simplest way possible.

When a child is born, they are born with zero experience & knowledge. To them, even the easiest task in the world will sound disastrous or extremely difficult, the exact same way which happens to us, when we try something new.

For example, consider walking, initially, a child may fall several times but eventually, he will learn from his mistakes & will finally be able to stand on his own feet. But this is not the case with transitional computers.

Computers require step by step instructions in order to perform a task. If the task is modified, computers won't be able to perform with without suitable modification in the instructions as well. Unlike a child, computers are not capable of learning from their mistakes.

To tackle this disability in computers, machine learning comes to our rescue. It helps the computer to understand/analyze the problem or task to figure out various possible solutions for it. Once done, it will start with the process of applying the new solutions to the problem & this time it will learn from the mistakes which are happening. Soon with this constant trial & error method, the perfect solution will be found.

After this no matter how many times or in how many ways you modify the problem, the computer will eventually come up with a solution.

This is called Machine Learning.

Hey, if you came this far reading it, I'm so thankful of you. This is my first post, here on Dev.to & It was so exciting to share it with all of you...

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