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I have started practicing on Hackerrank.
Its been 4 days.
I am doing really good with 30 days code challenge.
But, after that when I choose random challenges, I find them too complicated. I face plethora of challenges but still somehow for last 3 days I kept trying and I couldnot solve any three.

I want to learn
I want to develop this skill of programming immensely.
How do you overcome this situation ?
Who are on the same path as me ?

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  1. It might be helpful to join some of the many online communities of developers (ex: discord / slack groups). There are ones where there are many other people also learning to code and actively working on challenges and open source projects. If you're interested, you can join our community of 70,000+ developers which is extremely helpful and supportive. zerotomastery.io/community/

  2. It's possible you're also looking for the steps you should take to methodically improve your skills to ensure you're continually learning harder and harder topics. I definitely think this is the right approach and this post may help you with that as well (all the resources suggested are also 100% free): zerotomastery.io/blog/learn-to-cod...


I think this will give you some idea how to approach these sites overall

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