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What Influence will iOS 11 have on Developer Revenue

The iOS 11, the latest release from the Apple Inc. has been the recent development that has taken place in the tech arena. The new operating system is fueled with a number of worthwhile features and is known for its aesthetic pleasing design. It is a revival of the App Store and certainly the end users will be the ones who can reap maximum benefit from it.

On the other hand, if we view it from the developer’s perspective, it will offer a better opportunity to design new apps that are cleaner as well as bolder. The iOS 11 will surely enhance the experience of both the customers and developers. But at the same time it will also be a challenging task for the app designers because it is going to pinch the revenue.

Apple in its official press release has stated that the new app store will actually be categorized into three different categories that include Games, Apps and Today. When the users visit the app store, the first page they will come across is Today, which has been exclusively and dynamically designed to fit within the needs.

The iOS 11 will Bring Changes in the Safari Browser

And with the launch of the iOS 11, one is also going to witness a significant change in the Safari browser as well. This will have an impact on the developer revenue and so it’s important to discuss it.

The change in the Safari browser due to the new iOS 11 will have big influence on the developers, advertisers and publishers. One of the prime reasons is that it always has been a source of revenue generation for the content providers.

The browsers releases cookies that acts as an ad tracker and it helps the developers in marketing. But the iOS 11 will take this opportunity from the developers as the cookies will only last for one day and will also expire after one month.

However, it will not have much effect on those apps that are visited almost on a daily basis such as the Facebook or the Whatsapp. But the sufferers will be those apps that are not very frequently browsed as it will not have the access to the data from the first-party cookies.

Apps with Unclear Approach will Face Problem

Since iOS 11 has divided all the apps into three categories, so the apps having an unclear division will have to face the problem. There are a number of apps which do not have any specific category into which they can fit such as the fitness health based apps. It will become difficult for the developers to provide them a definite classification.

The Impact on User Experience

The User Experience (UX) has always been an essential aspect of the app development that helps in driving traffic to an app. Therefore, it is imperative to know how the iOS will create an impact on the UI.

According to the experts, the newly developed iOS will not have a major influence on UI except for the fact that it will strengthen the user privacy settings; thus making it more secured than before. However, the other side of the picture is that it will also lead to increase in the number of irrelevant ads.

Shortening of the App Name and Subtitle

With the introduction of the iOS 11, the Apple has also decided to curtail the name of the app from fifty characters to mere thirty characters. Having said that it will hurt the developer revenue.

Another change made is the addition of short subtitle that is found below the app name. Besides that, there have been alterations in promotional texts and descriptions, app previews comprising of a 30 second video and five screenshots, app reviews and ratings etc.

Revenue Affects Due to User Drop-off

We have seen since long that top paid and grossing apps have always gained the spotlight in the sub-category of the App Store. Even the redesign aspect of the popular apps is very common; but the problem lies in the fact when the revenue starts having a negative impact due to the user drop-off. This usually happens because the app reaches the brink of 30- and 90-day thresholds.

The Problem with Apple Search

We have already noted that the popular apps will not face any such problems related to monetization as they are already enjoying the user’s attention. But the problem is that Apple is asking for the search pathway and is more focused on offering video tutorials to select the most out of chosen apps instead of asking to choose a favorite app.

This can be explained with an example. Suppose, there is a video on an app VSCO used for editing the images or touchups. This explanation of the video can be used for any photo editing app, but some people may think that this video is applicable only to VSCO.

Difficult to Buy Ad Space for Developers

The iOS 11 has also been launched with the objective of making Siri an important part of the Operating System. It has a stylish header and also a search area will be available in the subtext. The App Store wants to get more and more data for the Siri, which in turn will make the path difficult for the developers to buy ad space.

The Positive Impacts

Like every coin has two sides, the iOS 11 also has some positive impacts. First and foremost, the new OS will not at all support the 32-bit apps from the App Store. Secondly, since Apple’s primary focus is enhancing the search for discovering new apps, the users will get to find some of the best and useful apps.

How Can App Developers Rescue from Revenue Loss

Since the developers are facing revenue loss, it becomes vital to know how to rescue from this condition. The iOS 11 is still new in the market and so it is advisable to first review the monetization structure for a few weeks and take a note on how it evolves.

After the careful reviewing is over, then they should go for framing the various monetization strategies depending upon the device and app. They should adopt the strategies that are more conducive and easy to work with.


It can be rightly said that the new app store offers an array of opportunities for the iOS app developers. The developers will suffer some revenue loss in the beginning but once they get used to the new App Store, things would become much easier to handle. Also they have to find out if the app can be updated on the iOS 11 or not.

Lastly, it must be remembered that Apple’s intention of introducing the new App Store is to protect user privacy, improve the searching abilities and enhance overall user experience.

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