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How to Prevent your App from Getting Uninstalled

There is a fierce and aggressive competition prevailing in the world of mobile applications. According to the latest stats of June 2017 released by Business of Apps, there are over 2.2 million iOS apps and 3 million android apps; battling out there for the paramount position. However, the end users are very choosy and just to inform you, they won’t give it a second thought before uninstalling your app.

According to a report by TechCrunch, a Smartphone owner usually browses through nine apps on a daily average and about 30 apps on the monthly basis. And you are well aware of the fact that every smartphone has a specified storage limitation based on which the users download the apps.

In fact, some of the key reasons why mobile apps face a downfall, soon after their launch include:

  • Poor Performance such as slow loading, low functioning
  • Takes a toll on battery life
  • Unnecessary notifications and frequent updates
  • User Interface and User Experience not attractive
  • No proper customer support
  • Too many bugs

So, if you want your app to stay long and avoid it from getting uninstalled, then follow the vital tips:

1. Keep an Eye on Important Drop off Points

The first and foremost step that you can take for saving your app from getting uninstalled, is keep a close eye on the drop off points. To start with, there are app metrics that informs you where your apps are dropping off and based on that you can plan for the next action.

For instance, in the case of churn rate, you can get familiar as to where and the reasons behind churning to help overcome this problem. One of the procedures include:

Monitoring the Onboarding Procedure

One of the prime reasons why users uninstall your app is due to low onboarding. According to a statistics, 77% of the customers uninstall the app due to poor onboarding. This literally means that the onboarding can be perplexing or not informative at all. The user session recordings can help you out in identifying the customer drop off during onboarding.

It is also important to note the purpose of the users for which they are using your app. And also you need to ensure them that you won’t share the confidential data with any other source.

2. Keep Bugs a Distance and Maintain App

As it has been mentioned that one of the reasons why users get irritated with your mobile app is because it contains bugs. Bugs are like unwanted pests in homes or you can also call it a kind of virus that badly affects the performance of the app. Therefore, it becomes vitally important to keep away these undesirable guests.

One of the ways to achieve that end is to give due importance to the app maintenance. You need to update your app for its better improvement. You must ensure that it is more than a useful product and is highly operational without any snag and the user is able to browse through it quickly. Thus, regular upgrades will certainly help. The update is also essential to add on new features and to also brace security of the app.

By updating you will also be able to identify the common problems propping up and then rectify them.

3. Appealing User Experience

Well, many of the mobile app owners actually don’t get the desired results as they wanted because they fail to provide the attractive user experience. Moreover, it has been found through a CMS report that 57% of the users do not recommend a business because of poorly designed mobile site. So, if you don’t want to lose the ground, then it becomes essential to offer a great User Experience (UX).

It also has some other added advantages. IBM reported that a great UI results in the best of Return on Investment (ROI). Besides that it also reduces the time in developing the app, the users will not require the support of customer services very frequently, hikes the sales and business productivity. Boosts traffic to your app and so on.

4. Stop Sending Invaluable and Frequent Notifications

Nobody in the world likes to get irritated and annoying your users by sending unnecessary notifications. It can be really frustrating and annoy the user. If he gets more frustrated, he may uninstall your app. It is likely that some of the customers do not read the notification at all and delete it as soon as they receive it. For instance, if you send notifications requesting the users to subscribe to your newsletters on daily basis.

Push notifications are a great asset for app marketing unless you add value to it. This means to say that they should be informative and have valuable content. One of the best techniques to employ is choosing the appropriate time for messaging. Secondly, try to keep the notifications as short as possible.

5. Personalized offers to Woo Customers

This battle is all about wooing and attracting the customers to one’s side. One of the initiatives that can be taken in this regard is offering discount coupons. According to a survey, it has been found that 30% of the users do visit the app a second time for their next purchase due to the rebate coupon.

This is a strategy which you need to adopt because of the tough competition out there in the market of apps. However, the apt approach in this regard will be offering customized and personal offers to every single user.

6.Categorize your Customers to Know their Specific Needs

Well, you know that Smartphone as a device has become a common gadget. People of all age groups are precisely using it in large numbers. But every age group or a section of society has a different choice with respect to apps. For instance, the adolescents are more hooked towards gaming or music apps, whereas the older generation prefers information based or medical apps.

So, it is a wise decision to segregate your audiences according to their choices and taste of apps. This will make it easier for you to target your customers and frame strategies according to their demands.

7. Don’t Forget to Test Your App before Launch

Well it is one of the most important step that you should not forget to undertake post app development. You have to compulsorily test your app before releasing it to check that everything is at the right place.

Testing also becomes important to monitor if the app is not consuming a lot of mobile battery. You can consider your app development to be successful only if it consumes less battery power.

8. Give Importance to App Rating and Feedbacks

App ratings are not something just to shy off and take it as easy. Rather they are a kind of report card for your app, which determines whether you have succeeded or failed in getting customers.

So, please take it very seriously and always work on ways to improve it. Similarly, you have the feedbacks from the users which tells you whether they liked or disliked your app and what features need improvement.


The whole gist of the discussion can be summed to the fact that it is the audiences which is the ultimate decider of your app’s fate. Their fingers can press the install button and also the uninstall button depending upon their liking and preferences. Your effort is to offer them venerable services so that they can establish a long term relation with your app.

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