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I should read instead of scrolling 📄

I have this habit of hoarding digital material. Either it is browser tabs that "I'll use later", or, in this case, newsletters that "I will read later". ⌛️

Today is the day I went through my inbox, replied all emails I intended to reply, rescheduled any that needed to be postponed. Basically went for #zero-inbox. By the end, I was left with 4 newsletters from that I was postponing, because they contain content that got my curiosity.
So, what to do? It is almost 11:00 PM, but I wanted to get my inbox empty and also get to bed at a decent time.
Email! I will email myself the list of what to read! For quite some time I wanted to read during my breaks at work, but end up searching for the article that would be not too long, not too short, and something of interest to me.
So two birds with one stone!🐦🐦

What I did:

  • went through those newsletters and collected links with articles that spark interest for me 📄
  • added small note by the links so I wouldn't need to mentally-parse the link (makes the list more accessible to me + fun) 📝
  • scheduled the email to drop in my work inbox about the time I'll get to the office 📧

Now I was raised(by my peers and mentors in the dev world) that sharing is caring. Therefore, I'm sharing my upcoming read list:

  1. how to contribute to OSS
  2. might help with that pet-project motivation
  3. you should check out what's all the fuss about yarn 2
  4. Yes yes, you know all the what's and how's of PWA. Now build one in vanilla JS
  5. you don't like mocks, so read some more about them
  6. this is annoying. And by this I mean JavaScripts this
  7. digital security matters!
  8. it's about time to brush-up on GraphQL
  9. new codebase is always overwhelming. Maybe this will help
  10. don't deny, you love to read-up on company culture

Happy reading! 🤗 And feel free to share your tips and tricks on how to read more, or improve one's days in other ways! 🙇‍♂️

P.s. I don't expect to go through the list in one sitting. No need to make a burden out of the fun! I'll definitely read a few of the articles. By the time for the next email to myself, I'll probably be done with the list

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