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Discussion on: Documenting SQL with Markdown and Diagrams

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Min Author

Thanks. I was so focused on making something my team needed that I hadn't elaborated the use. The first "version" was made for documenting single python files used for data pipelines. Because we would use SQL scripts as well for some parts of the ETL pipeline, I figured it would be convenient to use the same package to document .sql files as well as .py files.

I guess there would be SQL specific documentation tools... This mindoc I've made requires a python environment - and I haven't even properly packaged it up yet. Maybe in the near future...

Whether this tool or not, I think using markdown (within comments) to document SQL is useful, at least it has been for my team. Let us know of the documentation landscape within SQL as you test them out (perhaps a blog post here in!) - I live mainly in Python land and am not knowledgeable.


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Germo Görtz

one product I found. Look at this example with nice markdown support in the "comments":