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Guys, you know I just love to test out and tell you all about new features and tools. Today I will be sharing about 3 such tools, trust me the last one is a bang ! Without further pep talk let's begin the list

Youtube Api

I never knew there was an API for youtube, you guys might have know. Since, youtube is pretty famous by now. Basically this API can be used to change thumbnails, titles and descriptions of videos. Not only that ! It allows you to embed any video, channel and playlist into your projects. I will provide the links in the last paragraph. Not only youtube but a lot of companies including twitter, discord and have APIS. Comment if you want a post on all these APIs


Guys there a bunch of tools I generally use while making websites. In these web tools section, I will tell you about 3 such websites.

  1. Haikei lets you create awesome SVG background for your websites
  2. creates awesome glassmorphism effects
  3. Css portal has infinite number of css generation tools

Spline πŸ‘‘

This is the moment, Spline is a free online web app that lets you create mind boggling 3d web embeds. It's simple and moreover awesome. You will have to login to get started then You will have a editor that let's you import 3d models or just get some from their collection. You get the option to animate, add hover effects, interactivity and just anything from your imagination. Then you can simply embed that in your project. Another really awesome thing about spline is that it is cross platform. Meaning, you get embed code for react, three js, html and a whole bunch of other platform. Spline is loved by me. This is not a promotion post

The end

Guys I recently got into SCRATCH and I am really excited to see what I can make. Please do check my project out.

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