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Get a notification at the client when using the Firebase Cloud Messaging service on .NET

I am exploiting some APIs of mobile applications on Android operating system. In it they use Google's FCM service. After decompiling the source code using Apktool, I get a device_token string, and an API function to call the server to return a message (notification).

I want to use the exploited API functions to port to the desktop application as an automated tool. Unfortunately, Google's FCM does not support .NET (only on Android, iOS, Web platforms) I want every time I make a call API to their server, I call a function so they return OTP to confirm the transaction. This OTP is contained in the server's return notification.

In the Google FCM document, a google-service.json file is imported into Firebase's Android project and SDK, I'm programming a .NET application, so how can I get a notification like when calling the onMessageReceived () function in the Firebase SDK

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