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Discussion on: Don't worry about HOW long it takes you to become a programmer!

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I haven't read a more concise and to the point blog than this especially the first two paragraphs. Very motivating. Currently struggling to learn Web Technologies (Front-end frameworks, back-end frameworks etc.. etc..)

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Danny Thompson Author

Thank you for saying that and I try to avoid the "fluff" and bring the value to spark ideas/ inspire motivation.

I want to motivate as many developers as I can to hit their goals.

It is ok to struggle. As long as you keep moving. JUST DON'T STOP! The only guarantee that exists is, if you stop your dream dies. But if you keep moving, no matter how slow, the possibility of your dream still exists. So DON'T STOP!

I am excited to see you grow and reach new levels!

Be persistent, Be diligent, Be phenomenal!