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I really love every post @maxwell_dev makes is really easy to understand, and comes at it with the angle of how it's something he wish he had.

I also love seeing @tux0r on a specific post. It's obvious that he has a vast amount of experience he would like to share, and I appreciate his comparisons between the old vs new ways of doing things.

I love the commitment that @aspittel has to keep putting out high quality content like she does! It takes a certain level of execution and precision to do it consistently like she does, which is part of the reason I follow her - not even to mention that she's ridiculously nice and is always a high value add to any conversation :)

shout out to the whole dev team @ben @jess @peter for being super welcoming and creating such an amazing place where people can converse and collaborate on different projects, opinions and even ideas.

I feel like I've made more developer friends here than I have on any other site 💯


Thank you so much Malik -- that means a lot -- I am always checking for the top 7 podcast, it has become one of my favorite things on dev.to -- such a cool idea and you all are so positive and knowledgeable!

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