React 16 and 16.2 Overview - Fragments, Portals and Error Boundaries

Ben Mildren on December 21, 2017

React 16 (and 16.2) adds some nice quality of life changes along with some performance gains. Return types and Fragments There's a whole slew o... [Read Full]
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Nick Graf gives a nice overview of some these new features in these free egghead.io videos:

He explains portals as well, but in his pro course.


I'd also mention for those starting with React 16, why the error boundaries component needs to be a class instead of a stateless functional component. componentDidCatch is a life cycle method and life cycle methods are currently only supported in class components.


Great article! Heads up, there's a typo in the Portal section where you wrote styled components. :)


Thanks for the overviews, this is really useful. Especially fragments look like something I'll be applying right away!

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