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7 JavaScript blogs to follow going into 2021

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CSS-Tricks homepage

Despite having CSS in the title, CSS-Tricks focuses on all aspects of Frontend development.
You may know them from their world famous "A Complete Guide to Flexbox" article, you only have to google flexbox for this to be top. They show off lots of new JS features and post a bunch of tutorials on how to things.

Post frequency: Multiple times a day
Standout feature: Variety of content

David Walsh

David Walsh homepage

David Walsh has been cranking out posts since 2007! He is a veteran in the field and knows JS like the back of his hand. David Walsh has some amazing API reference guides where he distills complex topics into easy to digest language, a prime example being "JavaScript Promise API".

Post frequency: Several times a month
Standout feature: Solid fundamentals


Codrops demo

Do you like fancy animations? You'll love Codrops then. They publish demos and tutorials for some weird and wonderful animations, often leaning heavily into canvas, WebGL, Three.js etc. Here's a wave motion tutorial they posted from earlier this year.

Post frequency: Once a month
Standout feature: Beautiful animations

Flavio Copes

Flavio Copes homepage

Flavio Copes has posted a blog every single day since January 2018. One man, one post, every single day. The commitment is outstanding! Either that or he lost a bet with the devil and is forced to post every day for all eternity. Devil's doing or not, it's a great blog for consumers and teaches lots of JS (and non-JS) stuff in really short bites. Some of it is beginner level, some intermediate, some advanced, so there's something for everyone. I would recommend Flavio for beginners as he explains core concepts well. If you use Google a lot, you're bound to run into Flavio's posts sooner or later, with titles like "How to test for an empty object in JavaScript" that explain small things well.

Post frequency: Daily
Standout feature: Bite sized posts

Tania Rascia

Tania Rascia homepage

If I could only recommend one blog it would probably be Tania Rascia's blog. It mostly covers a lot of fundamentals as well as some experimental stuff, but most importantly it's very measured. When you look at Tania's blog history, it feels like every post matters, with almost every post being solid reading for all JS developers of all levels. It's just solid blog posts all the way down. Check out "Using Git submodules for private content" for a taste.

Post frequency: A couple times a month
Standout feature: Long form tutorials


Scotch.io homepage

I'm more of a whiskey man myself, but who can deny how good Scotch tutorials are for free? They've been in the game for a long time posting tutorials and courses for popular frameworks and JS apis like React, Authentication, APIs, Tailwind and more. If you like video courses or longer form tutorial posts, Scotch is for you. Their latest tutorial is "Add social login to Ionic apps".

Post frequency: A couple times a month
Standout feature: Long form tutorials

Josh Comeau

Josh Comeau

After a brief hiatus, Josh Comeau is back! Josh writes about a lot of different topics, and although unconfirmed, it feels to me like Josh writes about problems he stumbles into in real life, at least that's the vibe I get from reading. Rather than churning out content for SEO, Josh's blog feels like a diary of his recent programming hurdles and how he overcame them. You'll get a real array of content with Josh, dark mode, Netlify, Gatsby, speaking at conferences, but he used to work at Gatsby so he does blog a lot about React and Gatsby if that's your thing. Check his post "Animated sparkles in React".

Post frequency: A couple times a month
Standout feature: His menu goes bloop

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Great list! Thanks. It's not a blog, but Javascript Weekly is another great resource.


Thank you for these amazing resources.


You should check Zell's blog also.


CSS-Tricks is so good, it shouldn't be free. ;-)


This is a fantastic list. I have some new JavaScript resources to check out. Thanks!


I love Codrops, they have a bunch of nice animations


Nobody has considered Medium.com?


Great post!
Some on here that I'll definitely check out.