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Stable distro for development?

Daniel Mileev
・1 min read

Hi everyone! I have experience with Manjaro about 1 year, but at the last time I had some problem with its stability. And I think about migrating to LTS Debian. What do you think about Debian as a stable distro for development. Or any opinion. Thanks!

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Valts Liepiņš

I'm curious about what stability issues you're talking about?

Personally I've used arch linux as a daily driver and for development for around 3 years. Despite being rolling release, as long as you update your whole system regularely, it will run smoothly. Main cause for rolling release failure is partial package updating.

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Daniel Mileev Author

Thanks for your answer! Imagine, you need some specific software that is not available for Arch (Manjaro) on the official site. And you found it on AUR, but this package not built or has bugs.
Second example: some software not working right on KDE default theme.

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Gary Bell

Debian is a good choice. It's conservative in its release cycle to ensure high stability.

If you want something slightly easier, then Ubuntu LTS versions are solid. It's Debian based so easy to switch over if you find Debian isn't for you.

If you prefer the RedHat side of Linux, then CentOS is a good choice. It's practically a free version of RHEL so there's familiarity available there.

Those are the ones I consider or put forward when asked. I personally aim to use Ubuntu server as my team develop on Ubuntu desktop. It means they are working much more closely to the production environment.

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Mark Smith

Yeah I’ve also had good results as far as stability using CentOS.

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Rémi Lavedrine


I am developing on Ubuntu Budgie full time for the last four years.
I have everything needed. It still works like a charm, and I didn't reinstall the OS for the last 4 years.
Just did the update from Ubuntu 18.04 to 20.04 through the OS update.
Now I am developing a lot in Containers (VSCode and the Docker and Remote Containers add-ons) so the risks to create some dependency mess on my base system is pretty unlikely.

I highly recommend Ubuntu (and the Budgie flavour) as a developing machine.
The hardware can be interesting as well. My machine is a HP Spectre x360 from 2015.

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Daniel Mileev Author

Thanks for your reply

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+1 for Ubuntu. I have been using Ubuntu continuously since 2012 until a few months ago. Even non-LTS releases are stable.
Honestly, I've only switched to manjaro because I was curious. And I like it so far :).

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Harsh Singh

I personally use Pop!_OS. It's simple, elegant, easy to use, and even has it's a Pop! Shop, which Ubuntu doesn't have, making Pop!_OS a bit easier to use than Ubuntu.

So, +1 for Pop!_OS, and +0.5 for Ubuntu :)

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Mark Smith

I’ve had very good results running apps on Ubuntu, very stable, easy to configure, good community docs and forums.

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Yes, Ubuntu is definitely a safe choice

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Stephen Solka

I'm on which I believe is Ubuntu based. Its super stable, super boring, does what I need it to do.

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I love integers

Ubuntu LTS is your friend. 18.04 LTS till now. Rarely went rong.

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Mario Vargas • Edited

Well, I had used Manjaro for Odoo & RoR and didn't find any particular problem 🤔.
But if you want something stable, I think that anything based on Debian can work for you