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Not Just a Developer w/ David Lindahl | Podcast

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What is HTML All The Things

HTML All The Things is a web development podcast and discord community which was started by Matt and Mike, developers based in Ontario, Canada.

The podcast speaks to web development topics as well as running a small business, self employment and time management. You can join them for both their successes and their struggles as they try to manage expanding their Web Development business without stretching themselves too thin.

Guest Introduction

This week we sat down to talk with David Lindahl, a long time friend of the show that has been through what some might call a “full journey of web development” including: bootcamp, being hired, being laid off, working freelance, being hired again, and running side projects - most notable of which is probably Rainier Watch. This week we’ll be discussing all that and more with the discussion leaning towards David’s ability to not “just” be a web developer, but also a photographer among many other things - all at the same time.

David's Twitter (@austriker27)
Rainier Watch (@MtRainierWatch)

Show Notes

1:50 - Introduction

3:40 - What David's been up to

13:00 - Balance between client work and in house projects

16:00 - Too many meetings?

20:20 - Multiple interests on one social media account?

30:20 - Discovery platforms with social media

41:10 - Being more then just a developer

48:50 - Becoming more involved in the twitter dev community to get a job

1:00:30 - How do you leverage your other skills for your development career?

1:04:40 - Do you put a limit on your side projects/hustles?

Key Takeaways

  • Limiting meetings decreases context switching and increases deep work hours
  • Focus on your own goals rather then comparing yourself with everyone else
  • Getting yourself out there when looking for work is key. Using Twitter and interacting with the people in your industry expands your network.

Social Links

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