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TrackIt - Open Source Lead Management Tool

Yesterday was a Sunday and a platform I have been using to manage my leads started to want to make me pay for it. Obviously that's not something I am too keen to do except if I have a super good reason for it. So I figured, let's build my own!

I decided to create an Open Source project on Github which you can find here: github link. It is a one day of work project, so do not expect the moon! However it will be constantly enhanced and I welcome contributions.


  • Pipeline customization
  • Lead adding
  • Lead drag and drop between pipeline's steps

Future features

  • Aggregated stats and graphics
  • Better layout for mobile (it's very buggy) and animations
  • Lead categorization
  • Sharing pipeline with people
  • User role management


I have deployed a free to use version (personal and professional) at and if you feel like deploying it yourself just fork the repo and do whatever you want with it! Don't forget to mention me though :)

Thanks for the read and enjoy tracking those leads down!

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